Prince Harry gets engaged

I was planning on spending today doing 3 things after I got up. One was to have a meeting with a potential Client, then catch up on some editing and finally I was going to get myself down to the afternoon showing of "Justice League". Great I thought, sounds like a plan and I'll get to spend the evening at home. That was until I got a call from my agent at 10 asking me if I'd seen the news about Prince Harry and his girlfriend, Meghan Markle announcing their engagement and that there would be a photocell outside Kensington Palace, and could I make it...OF COURSE I COULD!!. 

The Press office for the palace did a draw to see what positions we would have for the photocall..I got 67, and to be honest it wasn't so bad. Freezing my nuts off, but all worth it I thought. Justice League will have to wait