BOJO becomes PM

To be fair I didn’t cover any of the campaigning and the hustings, but I knew I wanted to cover the handover day when Theresa May stepped down and Boris took the helm. Was a long hot sticky day in Downing Street. I went down the day before to take part in a photographers ballot to get a reasonable position in the pen which actually wasn’t too bad. First Theresa made her final departure for PMQ’s in Westminster followed by her farewell speech with her husband Philip by her side. Boris arrived back to Downing Street from Buckingham Palace at 4pm after being officially asked by HM Queen Elizabeth II to form a new government.

He delivered a very energetic speech watched by his partner Carrie Symonds standing with his team who were outside Number 11.

Boris then posed for a photo outside the famous black door before heading in to start appointing his new cabinet (I didn’t hang around for this…too damn hot!)